Värmland County Administrative Board – Sweden
Värmland County Administrative Board (VCAB) holds great experiences in working with e-services, digital innovation, broadband infrastructure, ICT development and the regional implementation of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE). VCAB has during the programme period 2007-2013 participated in ten transnational EU projects. Five in the Interreg IVB North Sea Programme and five in the Interreg IVC, with main focus areas in the DAE, inland waterways, flooding and border regional issues.
The work in the projects can be followed at facebook at International Värmland.

Vöru County Government – Estonia
Vöru County Government (VCG) was partner in the Interreg IVC project “Common methodology for the implementation Digital Local Agenda and its impact on regional digital policies”. The results from this project and the common methodology developed as well as the experience is of great importance in Digital Baltic. VCG aims also to increase the knowledge of the benefits of digitalisation, transfer exsisting knowledge and good practices in developning ICT related products and services for both the private and public sector in the Baltic Sea Region as well as create good conditions for future development of ICT by SMEs in the region.

Kaunas Regional Development Agency – Lithuania
Kaunas Regional Development Agency (KRDA) has 12 years of experience in implementing various project, funded by the EU. KRDA work actively to support and implement technological and social innovations and to motivate cooperation between private initiatives and local authorities. KRDA works closely with the universities of and institutions responsible for digitalizating sociaty of Kaunas region, such as SANTAKA, Kaunas regional innovation centre. In the long-term, participation in Digital Baltic will help to contribute to strenghtening of the SME’s within the ICT sector.

Hedmark County Council – Norway
Hedmark County Council (HCC) has been a Component 3 leader in the Interreg IVC project ISPEED with aim to develop a Local Digital Agenda in the field of tourism. HCC is responsible for the infrastructure in Hedmark, that also includes ICT infrastructure and 99,8 % of the households in Hedmark have access to broadband.

Supporting partners

Compare Karlstad Foundation – Sweden

Centre for Research on Regional Development (CERUT) – Sweden

Örebro County Administrative Board – Sweden

KTU Regional Science Park – Lithuania

The Information Technology Chair of Vöru County Vocational Training Centre – Estonia

Foundation of Innovative Initiatives – Poland

Hedmark Kunnskapspark – Norway

Baltic Development Forum – Denmark